Casino Garage LLC - Miami

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                                                              Casino Garage LLC provides a wide range of Slots Parts such as CPU Boards, Monitors,
                                                              Coin Mechanisms, Glasses, Games, Candels, Bezels, Harnesses, Bill Acceptors, Printers,
                                                              Touch Screens, Power Supplies, Kits, Tracking Systems, Heads, Toppers, Adaptors, etc.

   Casino Signs by Casino Garage LLCPower Supply by Casino Garage LLCCasino Carpets by Casino Garage LLC
   Boards/CPUs by Casino Garage LLCTicket Printers by Casino Garage LLCBoards/CPUs by Casino Garage LLC

                                                              We also supply Table Games, Electronic Tables, Bingo Equipment, Carpets, Stools, etc.
                                                              Our inventory comes from our reliable network of suppliers - from the US and overseas.
                                                              Finding best quality and most affordable rates is our mission and commitment to you,
                                                              and we do not fail, we simply get it - top quality from top manufacturers!

                                                              See also our Store at for a complete list of available products.